6 Simple Steps to Selling Your Tradelines

The best way to understand how selling your tradelines works with Splendid Credit is by walking through the process. By the end of these 6 steps, you'll know exactly how you can earn $500-$1000 a month of extra income by cashing in on your good credit history.

Step 1: Examine your credit history. In order to maximize the amount of money you can earn from your credit cards, you should not have any delinquencies on your account in the last year or so. Ideally, your credit card balance will be less than 30%.

Step 2: Fill out an online quote on You will tell us a bit more about each credit card you have, like the age, limit and balance, and we will tell you how much money you can earn from these tradelines.

Step 3: We will list your tradelines in our marketplace, and match you with authorized users that are interested in purchasing your tradelines.

Step 4: When your tradeline has been purchased by someone, you will receive an email with instructions. At this time, you will have 24 hours to add the authorized user to your credit card. Don't fear - the authorized user you add will NOT receive a credit card. Your credit card company will send YOU the card, which you can choose to hold onto or store away until we ask you to remove the user from your account (typically after 30-60 days). After that, you are free to safely dispose of the credit card.

Step 5: You will receive an email the following month confirming your monthly payout and direct you to remove the authorized user(s) from your account before adding new authorized users to the account.

*Pro Tip* Keep a record of all of the authorized users you add to your account, when you added them, which card added to, when you remove them, and when you get paid. Record keeping is important!

Step 6: Collect your payment & repeat! Add more cards to increase your monthly income, refer friends and earn even more!