How to Buy a Tradeline From Splendid Credit

You may know the many benefits of buying tradelines, but how do you actually buy them? This blog post will give you step by step instructions for purchasing a tradeline. Splendid Credit is the #1 Tradeline business in the country - with the most robust inventory of tradelines, the best prices and the VERY BEST customer service. We love to help people achieve their financial goals quickly and boost their credit with tradelines. If you ever need help selecting the best lines for your situation or have any questions - feel free to message us on our website in the Live Chat! Now let's get into it...

Step 1: Browse the Inventory

Splendid Tradeline Inventory

Every month we add new tradelines to our inventory. You can access the inventory at any time at and sort by highest limits, date opened (which will tell you the age of the card) and browse cards from various lenders at different price points. Our inventory is real time, so when you see a line, you know that line is actually available to purchase, and when it's sold out, it's gone! Your best bet is to purchase lines early, as soon as the inventory is released, so you're able to secure the lines you want. We always share the inventory news on our social media and through our newsletter, so keep an eye out.

Step 2: Select your Line(s)

Splendid Tradeline Inventory

Splendid Credit has made it super easy to purchase multiple tradelines in one transaction! Simply check each line that you'd like to purchase to see the total price and amount of lines. You will also notice that certain lines require additional documents, like a Special Address, to be submitted with the order. If at any time you have questions, feel free to ask us in our Live Chat (or ask to chat on the phone!) that is in the bottom right corner of your browser.

Step 3: Fill in Your Order Details

Order Details Page

Once you select your lines, you will need to fill in your details (for yourself, or for your client if you are a broker) using our secure website form. You can then link your credit report from several popular credit report services, including Credit Check Total, Equifax and If you do not have an existing report or subscribe to a credit service, we will provide instructions on how to obtain one.

Step 4: Pay For Your Tradelines

Splendid Pay at Checkout

There are a few ways that you can pay for your tradelines from Splendid Credit. We have now made it even convenient for you with our Pay At Checkout feature, which is perfect for new orders! Once you have signed the form and submitted your order details, you will be directed to a checkout page and have the ability to pay for your order via Zelle, Cash, or Pay Later (which emails an invoice to you that must be paid within 24 hours). All of the payment details for submitting and confirming your deposit are displayed on the screen, and you can take action without leaving your cart. It's super quick and easy!

Step 5: Track Your Order

Splendid Client Portal

After you've completed your order, you will automatically receive a confirmation email with your order details and a link to track the status of your order in our Client Portal. This is the easiest way to track your order in real time, so you always know the status. All of the key information you need is inside!

Step 6: Complete Any Additional Actions in the Client Portal

Splendid Special Address Action

If there are any additional actions you need to take on your order, like adding a special address, canceling an order or reporting a non-posting, you can do so in the same Client Portal. You will receive an email alert when an action needs to be taken, or any time you view your order status in the portal. Simply select the action and take the steps on the screen to complete it. No more emailing back and forth, just a quick and easy process. You can also view other information in the portal, like our bank deposit information, make additional deposits into your account to purchase more tradelines, or confirm and verify deposits if you selected Pay Later during your checkout.

Here at Splendid Credit, we’ve spent years building and growing a tradeline business with the experience of our customers in mind. We want your buying experience to be simple and enjoyable, so we're always improving the process and adding new features (and fresh tradelines) that we know you'll love.

To try out the Splendid Credit buying process for yourself, tap the button below to be directed to our current inventory.