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One of the major benefits of buying tradelines from Splendid Credit, aside from our high quality inventory and competitive pricing, is the visibility you have into the status of your orders, and the convenience of tracking and managing the entire process in our Client Portal. This blog post will give you a look at what's inside!

Client Portal Login - Powered by Qandid

New Portal

Once you place your tradeline orders with Splendid Credit, you'll receive a confirmation email with a link to login and track your order in the Client Portal, which is powered by Qandid. You can login to the Client Portal at any time to see the status of your orders in real time.

Tradeline Status Tab

Client Portal Dashboard

After you login to the client portal, you will see the dashboard. Here, you can navigate to a variety of tabs on the lefthand side to view your account information, make deposits and view the status of your orders.

On the Tradeline Status tab (pictured above), you can see the real time status of all of your tradeline orders. This will include submitted, client added to card, posting in progress, posted tradelines, rejected, non-posting submitted and canceled orders.

Details Order Status

Splendid Order Status Page

You can also expand any tradeline order to see more detailed information about that particular line, including which client the line was purchased for, the tradeline lender, limit and date opened, price, statement day and more. You will also see the Last Update, which is the real time status of the tradeline order. Depending on the latest status of the line, there may be additional actions you can take on the tradeline.

Additional Actions

Splendid Special Address Action

If there are any additional actions you need to take on your order, like adding a special address, uploading documents, canceling an order or reporting a non-posting, you can add these details directly inside the Client Portal. You will receive an email alert when an action needs to be taken, or on the dashboard any time you view the portal. Simply select the action and take the steps on the screen to complete it. No more emailing back and forth, just a quick and easy process!

Report Non Posting

Making and Confirming Deposits

In addition to viewing the status of your tradelines, you can also view other information in the portal, like our bank deposit information, make additional deposits into your account to purchase more tradelines, withdraw funds or confirm and verify deposits if you selected Pay Later during your checkout.

Qandid Deposit Confirmation

The easiest way to pay for your orders on Splendid Credit is with our Pay at Checkout feature, but you can also add funds to your account and confirm them from the Client Portal in the Confirm Deposit Tab. Just make your deposit from one of our various available methods, upload and submit your deposit receipt and you're done! You'll also find our deposit information easily accessible within the portal, right on the main menu in the Bank Deposit Information Tab.

Account Balance

Splendid Account Withdrawal

In the Account Balance Tab, you'll see your pending payouts and current balance. You can request withdrawals directly from the portal by filling out this simple form.

Here at Splendid Credit, we’ve spent years building and growing a tradeline business with the experience of our customers in mind. We want your experience to be simple and enjoyable, so we're always improving the process and adding new features to the client portal.

To try out the Splendid Credit buying process and client portal for yourself, tap the button below to be directed to our current inventory.